Happy Birthday Poem to Charles Dickens

On The Occasion Of…

has been very kind
to Mr. C. D.*
and so to remind
on his bi-
the paper has listed
some useful old words
that they have found printed
among his large oeuvre.

Two centuries on and
so sad to say
sharp practise and snobbery
still thrive today
and the rich are in charge
and the poor get the blame
and what would he say?
He’d think it a shame.

Jo Kirk
Feb 2012

* Charles Dickens, born 7 Feb 1812 and died June 1870

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  1. Hi…I don’t know who did the drawing but I would like to use it on some artwork for an EP my record label plans to put out…Do you know where I can get in touch with the original artist?

    • belperbookchat

       /  October 1, 2012

      Hi Nick
      Glad you like the artwork, that is done by book club member Jo who isn’t on email. I’ll try and contact her for you and put you in touch.


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