Literary Leaderboard – 2013

Just for fun, here is our “leaderboard” of the books that we read in 2013. Scores are out of ten and further details are given in the review for each book (see index).

According to the scores given at the time, two books tied for our most highly rated books of the year – one non fiction “classic” and one modern fiction. But which would be the one that passes the “Desert Island Test” – if you could take only one, which one would you take with you to re-read? Was it the one that you loved the most, or was there one that others persuaded you to give a second go? Leave your suggestion and reasoning in the comments below!


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  1. malcolmbbc

     /  November 24, 2013

    Whilst I enjoyed “The Sense of an Ending”, I would personally have placed “The Garden of Evening Mists” higher, so I was disappointed that it didn’t quite make it into our “number one” slot.

    But which book to take? I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but if I really was setting off for a desert island, I think I might take [deep breath] … Nostromo!

    Why would I do this, given my irritation with the book first time around? Partly obstinacy – I didn’t finish the book and that always bothers me. But also because Bill was so passionately defending the book against all naysayers, that there must be *something* there! And if I’ve got plenty of time with nothing to do apart from eat coconuts, perhaps I’ll be able to concentrate long enough to finish the challenge!

    I guess that’s the real value of a book club… discussion does encourage you to think again.

  2. Good question. And I think I roughly agree with the order though I would have to jiggle it around a little.

    I would take The Garden of Evening Mists. Although I enjoyed several of the books more than this I felt there was still a lot in this book that I had missed – especially taking comments at the meeting into consideration.



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