Literary Leaderboard – 2014

It’s time to recap on the books that we read over the last year. As usual, scores are out of ten and fuller details are given in our reviews for each individual book (see index).

Nerds and number lovers will see that the new table not only includes an almost-entirely-made-up attempt to classify by genre, but two extra statistics. As well as the average score, the range of scores is included, where this was recorded. This suggests that The Finkler Question was our most divisive book of the year, with scores ranging from a pitiful 3 to a solid 9.

Also recorded are the number of readers who contributed to the average score. So Utopia and The Time Machine both got respectable scores of 7… but whilst the latter was reviewed by 11 of our group, Utopia’s score is based on only three readers.

So, here’s the Leaderboard:


No surprises for those that can remember April’s enthusiastic discussion that East of Eden comes out as our group’s top choice from 2014. Similarly, Boxer Beetle was almost universally disliked and is unsurprisingly at the bottom of the leaderboard (although The Song of Achilles only just kept ahead, with some of our readers controversially awarding a score of zero).

Overall, and compared to 2013, we either had a better year for books, or were all feeling in a more generous mood! No fewer than eight of this year’s books scored above last year’s top score of 7, and even Boxer Beetle was rated above last year’s Broken Places!

So that’s the stats and numbers… feel free to add your personal thoughts on your favourite or least favourite choices from the last year. But be quick! 2015 has started!

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  1. I notice that the top 5 and 8 of the top 9 books are from our classic selections. Does this say something about our group or something about the bookchat list offerings?

  2. Thanks for sharing your Leaderboard-it makes a handy list! Pleased to see that ‘The Long Goodbye’ was well received by your book group, as it is on my list of titles to read this year! We read ‘The Song of Archilles’ a while back, and whilst we don’t give our books marks, I think it would have scored higher in our group.


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