07.09 The Truth

The Truth by Terry Pratchett
July 2009 Meeting

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  1. michelebbc

     /  August 3, 2009

    The first couple of chapters were really difficult. I struggled not so much with the style of writing as the type of humour, as like Sarah, I hate humour that is too obvious – some of the character names for example I found intensley irritating.

    But after a while I started to quite enjoy the book and did find some of it funny. I think this could be because I have a daily routine, every lunch time I check the news on the BBC, Guardian and Daily Mail website and do a bit of a comparison – and the book is basically observations on just that! I enjoyed Williams frustration when he discovered that people prefered the obviously made up stories to his real news.

    I’m not sure I’d read another Pratchett but in the end I did quite enjoy this!

  2. Sarah

     /  July 23, 2009

    I recently read, on a book blog, a mission statement of sorts. One of the tenets was that the person in question would undertake to not review books in which he had little or no interest. A worthy aspiration, I feel.

    I used to read and enjoy Pratchett, and then I lost interest. So I embarked on The Truth with some unhelpful expectations and preconceptions. That said it should be possible to be objective.

    The Truth is a satire on the business of journalism. And unrelentingly jolly. In a grim kind of way.

    That was the (almost) objective part.

    My truth is that I like incidental comedy, the things that you like to think that perhaps no-one else would find funny. The Truth consists of a studied humour that says “you will laugh.” And, inevitably, one does. Grrr.

    It is a pot pourri of a book. Jammed with gags, satire, pop culture, science, ethics and psychology. And there are themes and symbolism too. All of which hold together remarkably well. But does it provide any great insight, anything new? No. I guess I just got too old and grumpy and serious for this kind of book.


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