“Howards End” by E M Forster

HowardsEndAccording to Wikipedia, this 1910 novel is considered by some to be Forster’s masterpiece. The subject matter is concerned with social conventions, codes of conduct, and personal relationships in turn-of-the-century England.

The story revolves around three families: the rich capitalistic Wilcoxes; the half-German Schlegel sisters, whose cultural pursuits have much in common with the real-life Bloomsbury Group; and the Basts, an impoverished young couple from a lower-middle-class background. The idealistic Schlegel sisters seek to help the struggling Basts, wishing at the same time to rid the Wilcoxes of some of their deep-seated social and economic prejudices. Marriage and tragedy intervene until the book concludes at Howards End – the family home of Mrs Wilcox.

We read this in June, when nine people attended the meeting. As with our recently read Tove Jansson the book was mostly admired rather than loved – and one of our number strongly disliked it.

Votes ranged from 2 to 8 and resulted in an average of 5.9 (from a total of 9 readers).

Views from other bloggers:

A Dublin Bookworm is not overly impressed, saying of the book:

It follows a group of rich people to which very little seems to happen until the end when there are great dramatics.

Alternatively, Sharing My Story admires Forster’s imagery and eloquence and concludes by recommending the book to anyone who is interested in literature, London politics, or girl power!


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