“Hunting Unicorns” by Bella Pollen

Hunting-UnicornsThe author says:

A stylish, screamingly funny, razor-sharp look at the British aristocracy in decline, Hunting Unicorns introduces us to the owners of the vast Bevan estate: the Earl and Countess—charming and possibly round the bend; Daniel, their eldest son—funny and clever, but a hopeless alcoholic; and Rory—the younger brother mired in the tidying up of his family’s well-meaning schemes to stop the dilapidated manor from literally crashing down around them. Adrift in a rapidly changing world, the Bevans cling to tradition while wrestling with taxes, tree blight, and the need to keep the family skeleton firmly in the cupboard.

Enter Maggie, an opinionated American journalist for the hard-hitting show Newsline. Far happier sending dispatches back from the trenches of war-torn anywhere, Maggie is none too pleased at being forced to research a documentary on the decline of England’s upper classes. When these two worlds collide, no one is prepared for the fallout.

We read this in August 2013, when 11 people attended the meeting.

There was pretty general agreement that it was a very light read with little to discuss, unbelievable characters and situations, and a  somewhat laughable attempt to raise sympathy for the hard-up upper class. The only difference in opinion was that a few quite enjoyed it as a light beach read whereas others didn’t. A few found parts quite amusing but no-one felt particularly inclined to try another by the same author.

Scores ranged from 3 to 6 with an average of just over 4 so even those who quite enjoyed it didn’t rate it very highly.

Despite the generally poor reviews, the meeting was very much enjoyed for the social aspects!

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