Broken Biscuits by Liz Kettle

Synopsis from Blackwells Books:

Agnes is senile and has so lost the plot that she’s been institutionalized. In this story her life runs backwards. Her granddaughter, Jodie, is faring only slightly better: her medication at least keeps her in the community. While her story also has the sense to run forwards. But one way or another, Agnes and Jodie are set for a collusion. For both of their lives hinge (or rather became unhinged) on some unfortunate business in the past. Which means that Jodie is going to spring Agnes from the old people’s home in which she is incarcerated in order to get to the bottom of things. “Broken Biscuits” is a dark comedy of madness and ill manners, of the dotty and the potty, and the lengths extraordinary people must go to appear ordinary.

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