Welcome to Belper Book Chat

Belper Book Chat is a reading group that has been established for several years in Belper, Derbyshire.  We get together twice a month to talk about our latest books. Books are either chosen from a list provided by the local library under their book group scheme, or nominated by members of the group. We attempt to keep the selection of books democratic to involve all members of the group, so over the years have tried a variety of voting methods, discussion of which is often most lively!

The Queens Head on Chesterfield Road in Belper kindly provides us with their book room for our meetings, which take place on the third Tuesday (main meeting) and first Tuesday (extra meeting) of every month.

Because books are generally provided by the library scheme, membership of the book club is free, apart from the occasional purchase of books that are not on the library list. We try to keep such purchases to a minimum, which allows readers to spend the money saved on drinks and crisps!

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Other books and related chat

We are currently oversubscribed and closed to new members, but if you’d like any more information on our group please feel free to email us.

Members of other book groups, and individual readers not in any group, are all welcome to add their own comments on any of the books that we have reviewed on this blog.